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Picks of the week

Andrew’s pick: Cyberduck

Cyberduck is an open source FTP and SFTP, WebDAV, Cloud Files, Google Docs, and Amazon S3 client for Mac OS X and Windows. It supports FTP/TLS (FTP secured over SSL/TLS), using AUTH TLS as well as directory synchronization. The application easily manages bookmarks with an OS X-styled drawer, and it’s easy to import your bookmarks from other file-transfer apps if you want to try Cyberduck out. Cyberduck has an easy to use intuitive interface that makes it easy for simple tasks.

Get Cyberduck from: http://cyberduck.ch/

Sunkast’s pick: NoDupe

With NoDupe, your duplicate files can be a thing of the past in just a few minutes. Simply tell NoDupe where to look, and a few seconds later it’ll tell you exactly what files are needlessly eating up space on your system and where they are. It’ll even get rid of them for you if you want! NoDupe can even tell you which directories are exact copies of each other, and find duplicate MP3s even if they don’t share the same tags. And you can combine these options, looking for directories containing the same MP3 files – a great way to find copies of your music albums.

Get NoDupe at: http://nodupe.co.uk/