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Comic Books! Men in Tights! Babes! Behind the Counter is back with a brand new episode that is juiced up to the eyeballs in caffeine. Try and keep up as Rich and Jon rattle off the things that are on their mind and the hot topics of the comic book world. They talk banned book week, Gotham, New Avengers, Saga, and much more!

Behind The Counter

Friday night’s equal Behind the Counter! On this stir-frying episode, Jon and Rich bring you a heaping handful of comic news from around the world! It is more than a mouthful! They chat about the aliens in the upcoming Avengers movie, that new Catwoman costume, Spider-men, Watchmen, Avengers vs X-men, Walking dead #100, and a few more goodies! They then jump right into the books of the week which include Saga #2, New Avengers, Batman and Robin #8 and Green Lantern #8! Stay tuned for more goodies next week as the Avengers vs X-men debacle unfolds!

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