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Picks of the Week

Andrew’ Pick: Ground Loop Isolator

The ground loop isolator from Raptor serves one purpose, to eliminate ground loop noise from your audio equipment. The quality of audio equipment isn’t always perfect. Some times there are undesirable hums and other such noises. A ground loop isolator can eliminate this undesirable noise for you. It’s simple, and easy to use.

Check it out on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Raptor-GL15-Ground-Loop-Isolator/dp/B0009O19LQ/

Sunkast’s pick: GFQ Network XBMC Add on

Thanks to GFQ Viewer Bawitdaba, GFQ now has an add on for XBMC. With the GFQ Network add on for XBMC, you can watch us live, through Stickam, JustinTV, or Ustream! And if you prefer, you can watch any of our past shows. Missed an episode of The Andrew Zarian Show, or Tech News Weekly? Every show is available now on XBMC thanks to Bawitdaba.

Here’s how to get the GFQ Network XBMC add on.

First, if you don’t already have XBMC, download it here from their web site.
Next, you can simply add the GFQ Network add on by navigating to the Get Add ons menu.

Alternatively, you can download a zip file of the add on to install manually.

Download the zip from here.
From the menu select System -> Add-Ons -> Install from zip file


Andrew Zarian interviews B-Real from the legendary hip hop group Cypress Hill on an array of subjects including his music career, the current state of hip hop and rap, marijuana legalization, music piracy, BReal.tv.

Check out  “Cypress X Rusko” . The EP comes out Feb 16th. Available everywhere

Be sure to watch B-Real on BReal.tv. and follow him on Twitter @breal_420

You can Follow Andrew on Twitter @AndrewZarian


The Andrew Zarian Show

This week on The Andrew Zarian Show: Andrew gives a tour of the newly redesigned GFQ studio. Is everyone happy with the new look? Andrew and Jess compare the new look to past studio designs. Andrew and Kunal discuss how the latest GFQ comedy show went. What were the stand out moments? Andrew talks about how crazy Tim Dillon gets when it comes to food. Andrew received an offer to sell GFQ over the break. What would he have done if he had sold GFQ? Beyonce and Jay-Z name their baby Blue Ivy. What is with celebrities naming their kids weird names? Andrew, Kunal, Jess, and Coco discuss how they are doing with their New Year resolutions. And The News with Jessica.

“The Andrew Zarian Show” is sponsored by:

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The Bald Truth

On this special episode of The Bald Truth, IAHRS accepted member Dr. Alan Bauman, and YouTube sensation Kevin Nalts, allow us to view a live hair transplant. Spencer discusses the procedure with both Dr. Bauman and Kevin Nalts. We also take questions from callers about hair loss and the procedure. Kevin Nalts Hair Transplant