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Comic James Mattern joins as we wonder, how bad is ebola really for society? Do we take TV for granted now? Is Tom Cruise our last American action star? How terrible is Gotham? Are horror movies better or worse today? What makes KC and Neil fight? Is your Halloween costume offensive? Can we stop with the Guinness Book of World Records? Why doesn’t KC respect teachers? Is bullying good for kids? Do we stay in relationships too long? How much do you want to cheat on a loved one?  Tell us @nicepodcast about all this and more!

Comic Books! Men in Tights! Babes! Behind the Counter is back with a brand new episode that is juiced up to the eyeballs in caffeine. Try and keep up as Rich and Jon rattle off the things that are on their mind and the hot topics of the comic book world. They talk banned book week, Gotham, New Avengers, Saga, and much more!

Rich and Jon are back with determination to bring you the best in comic book and pop culture speculation with a dose of humor added in for good measure. This episode takes us deep into Comic Book movies as they relate to their print counterparts, the future of the Avengers and the book’s creative history, and fantasy writing possible Marvel/DC cameos.

Rich and Jon have crash landed right into your brain with this week’s episode of Behind the Counter! They talk the current goings on of the comic book industry, big changes for DC comics, the hint of a possible Marvel/DC crossover, Forever Evil, Original Sin, critical mass with regards to comic book movies, Batman/Superman:Dawn of Justice, The Walking Dead, and Invincible! A whole lot of ground is covered so check it all out!

This is Behind the Counter’s 100th Episode spectacular. Rich and Jon talk about the past 100 episodes and 100 years as well as finally show their comic con footage from New York Comic Con 2013. They talk about this years Comic Con, what they are most looking forward to, and of course they talk about the world of cosplay!