What The Tech Ep. 175 – Android Confusion 7-23-13

What The Tech Ep. 175 – Android Confusion 7-23-13

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This week on What The Tech: Andrew goes on a rant about dumb people on Twitter and Facebook. Paul talks about a UFO he saw in Phoenix. Are aliens real? Andrew and Paul discuss in car Bluetooth and entertainment systems such as Ford Sync. Could Apple and NFC make in car entertainment systems easier to use? Verizon announces 500Mbps FiOS internet. Has Google Fiber forced ISPs to offer faster internet? Motorola announces several new Android phones. Why didn’t they announce the Droid X? Paul goes on a rant about Android. And could someone like Apple break the smart watch market wide open like they did with the iPad and tablets?

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  1. What you guys are talking about in this episode, connecting phones to you car using NFC to connect via blue tooth. Is already being done. Google QNX and you will learn a lot, this company is owned by BlackBerry. They have already demonstrated this function and more. It will be coming soon, but its takes longer for auto manufacturers to implement these things. Beyond simple music streaming, BlackBerry will be enabling you to have the car integrate even further. For example, when you place your phone in the car it will recognize you, your favorite stations, locations, seat and mirror setting, calendar appointments, etc.
    BlackBerry through QNX controls about 60% of this market and will be making great strides in the near future.
    iOS is not an appropriate operating system for the car, however what you see as iOS in the car is simply layer on top of BlackBerry’s QNX os.

  2. I disagree it is about the apps. If it was all about the apps, iphone would clearly be winning against android. Iphone still get the latest apps and games, and android doesn’t get as many as cool games as ios.

  3. While many of these “connected” features such as nfc, Bluetooth, and wifi direct are currently kind of clunky I have started to see some good uses. If two people have Samsung phones they can quickly send an entire music album over wifi direct and it only requires a few clicks.

  4. You guys should really see the state of the Internet in Australia! I’m lucky to get 1mbps up and 8 down when my Adsl line is working correctly!

  5. Paul what are you talking about? Basically ALL galaxy phones use NFC. The Galaxy Nexus was actually the first one to have it.

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