What The Tech Ep. 169 – Xbox vs PlayStation vs Apple 6-11-13

What The Tech Ep. 169 – Xbox vs PlayStation vs Apple 6-11-13

What The Tech


This week on What The Tech: A flurry of announcements all from Sony and Microsoft at E3 and Apple’s WWDC. Andrew rants about the absurdity of people who hate everything and complain about everything. Sony finally unveils the hardware for the PlayStation 4. How does it measure up to the Xbox One? Microsoft announces pricing and launch dates for the Xbox One. Does the Xbox One cost too much? And Apple announces iOS 7, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, and a new Mac Pro assembled right here in the USA. What does Paul make of the new naming scheme for Mac OS X?

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  1. Interesting what was wrong with the Sony and Microsoft conferences ? Both addressed the core audience gamers and obviously Sony added a segment where they spoke about music and video services for a few minutes. Xbox finally spoke more about games and had a good show to but what was wrong with either of them apple no point talking about lack innovation

  2. U guys talked too much about the Mac, which I don’t care about at all. And, u guys needed to talk more about the xbox, ps4, Wii u conferences. I wish u r right about xbox, Sony whooped their butt. And $100 makes a big difference, it can give ps4 a bigger lead.

  3. Is there something wrong with the video player on this page? I just get a “Media source loading has failed”. Same thing last week but at least I was able to download it first.. Today, I cannot even download the video of “What the Tech”. Only this page’s audio player works for me.

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