Tech News Weekly Ep. 79 – Socially Addicted 6-1-12

Tech News Weekly Ep. 79 – Socially Addicted 6-1-12

This week on Tech News Weekly: Microsoft releases the much anticipated Windows 8 Release Preview. Is it worthy of being released to the masses yet? RIM could cut up to 6,000 jobs within weeks. Will BlackBerry 10 be able to save the struggling company? Apple CEO Tim Cook says Apple will become even more secretive about products. How is that different than now? AT&T hints again at ‘toll free’ data plans. Should we even need such a thing? Facebook suffers a 2 hour outage. Are we addicted to Facebook? And our Picks of the Week.

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  1. A few points

    A large percentage will use the mouse instead of trackpad as like me I am forever touching the trackpad with my wrist whenever typing. I recently bought the MS Touch mouse and it really improves the experience with Windows 8, the drivers are still in beta for Windows 8 and I hope they ad more gesture support to it, ie pulling up the charms and app bars.

    Alot will use keyboard shortcuts, you don’t need them all, but if you learn a few for the metro environment it makes things much easier.

    But at the end of the day we have to remember that come 3rd or 4th quarter of 2013 it will probably be next to impossible to buy a laptop without a touchscreen, it’s hard to imagine with todays hardware but when you get a laptop with a touchscreen it will change drastically.

    Just look at the range of touchscreen devices shown off at Computex and that’s a good indication of where things are going. So it looks like the hardware will be there at launch, sure people updating older machines wont have it but normal people don’t upgrade, they just buy a new machine.

    By Windows 9 I would expect for the desktop to be almost completely gone. The key with Windows 8 will be how Microsoft update it, Metro cant wait 3 years for an update, the underlying WinRT libraries need to be updated on a regular basis to enable more capabilities in Metro style apps for developers.

    Developers will go Metro style as that is the future and it represents a much easier opportunity to monetise your app in the store. Today we have to search all over the place to find applications for Windows. Once more quality apps appear in the Metro environment you will find the amount of time you spend in the desktop decreasing by a serious amount.

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