Tech News Weekly Ep. 63 – RIM Or Bust 1-27-12

Tech News Weekly

This week on Tech News Weekly: RIM co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie decide to step down and appoint a new CEO. Will the new CEO be able to right the ship, or is it too late to save BlackBerry? Several file sharing sites either shut down or tighten their sharing services in wake of the MegaUpload raid. Will these changes be permanent? Jon Rubinstein leaves Hewlett-Packard after his 24 month commitment. Where will he land next? Nintendo announces NFC and a new network for the Wii U. Should Nintendo just re-release their classic titles such as Super Mario or Final Fantasy? Also, Amazon may be considering spinning off their instant video service as a separate service. Could that be another Netflix disaster? And our Picks of the Week.

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