Big Brother 13 house guests revealed

Big news today for anyone who is a fan of the CBS show Big Brother. The cast/house guests for season 13 have been announced. Along with the first twist!

Here is the cast / house guests for Big Brother 13:

  • Adam Poch, 39 – Music Inventory Manager – Hoboken, NJ
  • Cassi Colvin, 26 – Model – Nashville, TN
  • Dominic Briones, 25 – College Student – San Mateo, CA
  • Kalia Booker, 30 – Writer – Los Angeles, CA
  • Keith Henderson, 32 – Human Resources Mgr – Boilingbrook, IL
  • Lawon Exum, 29 – Legal File Clerk – Inglewood, CA
  • Porsche Briggs, 23 – VIP Cocktail Waitress – Miami, FL
  • Shelly Moore, 41 – Outdoors Industry Exec – Prairieville, LA

The keen observer will notice, that's only 8 names out of the usual 14 contestants on Big Brother. So where are the other 6? That's where this season's first twist comes in. The final 6 will be made up from pairs of “dynamic duos” from past seasons.

For full details, video interviews, and even some sexy pics, check out Big Brother Network. And don't forget to tune into the premiere of Big Brother Rewind, airing live a week from today, at 6pm ET on Thursday, July 7.