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Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth Ep. 155 – I’m Back On...

Mike from New York calls in to discuss getting back on Propecia after a 7 year hiatus. While he felt it was the right decision to stop using the drug while he and his wife were trying to get pregnant, Mike's concerned about whether or not he’ll respond as well to the medication as he did the first time around, and if there really is a difference between brand name Propecia and generic Finasteride. If you’re considering using Propecia this is a show you don;t want to miss.


Every episode of Golden Girls is coming to Hulu. Echo dot orders a dollhouse after a child asks Alexa for one. Facebook will start displaying ads in the middle of videos.

TWiRT Ep. 331 – IP Radio Success with Jeff Holdenrid

Microwave radio links have been around for a while, and now with so many IP Radios on the market, how does a broadcast engineer choose what’s right? Jeff Holdenrid with DoubleRadius has been installing and configuring these systems for over 15 years. He gives us the lowdown on the inexpensive, unlicensed systems up to fully licensed links for broadcast.

Mat Men Ep. 165 – Wrestle Kingdom 11

This is the first episode of Mat Men for 2017 and it's a fun one! The guys are joined by Damien from Last Mark Standing and talk a whole lot about the brightest event in NJPW: Wrestle Kingdom 11!!! They talk the card, match quality, and oh yes that unbelievable main event of Kenny Omega vs Okada for the IWGP title! They also chat Raw, Smackdown, the Royal Rumble, predictions and booking plus much more!

What The Tech Ep 337 – Tech In 2017

Andrew Zarian and Paul Thurrott take a look back at their tech predictions from last year. How many of their predictions were accurate? Andrew and Paul also discuss tech in the new year. Will Samsung be able to recover from the Galaxy Note 7 blunder and will Apple continue to struggle? The guys also discuss Google, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Nintendo and more.

Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth Ep. 154 – Hair Greed –...

Jeff from Connecticut calls in to discuss both his successes and his mistakes as a young man treating his hair loss. Remember If the risk is greater than the reward, hair transplantation is not for you. If you;re a young man considering surgical hair restoration this is a show you can’t miss.